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    The development series

    The development series

    The development series aims to bring you language-specific getting started guides to walk you through the process of setting up your development environment and start containerising language-specific applications using Docker.

    The learning modules contain best practices and guidelines that explain how to create a new Dockerfile for your preferred language, what to include in the Docker image, how to develop and run your Docker image, set up a CI/CD pipeline, and finally provides information on how to push the application you’ve developed to the cloud.

    In addition to the language-specific modules, we will also provide guidelines to build and efficiently manage your development environment.

    You will find information on the best practices for writing Dockerfiles, building and managing images efficiently, gaining performance improvements by building images using BuildKit, etc. You can also find specific instructions on how to keep your images small, and how to persist application data, how to use multi-stage builds, etc.

    Language-specific getting started guides

    Learn how to set up your Docker environment and start containerising your applications. Choose a language below to get started.


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